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Venture in to the territory of the lion! No visit to the Africa region of the NC Zoo is complete without seeing these majestic cats. In the Bushlands area, also see red river hogs.

African LionNC Zoo Lions

These large, highly social cats live in savannas, grasslands and scrubby bushlands. Lions are not “Kings of the Jungle,” as they do not live in densely forested areas. Unique among felines, a quick glance will tell you if you are looking at a male or a female. The males are boldly marked by the shaggy mane that sprouts around their neck and shoulders. Lions emit a loud roar in the early morning hours and dusk that can be heard over 5 miles away. Roaring is used to locate pride members that have been temporarily separated and to signal their strength to adversaries.

Red River HogRed River Hogs

These wild pigs are widely distributed through the rainforests, thickets and savannas of western and central Africa.The name comes from their reddish color and because they are usually found near sources of water. Red river hogs prefer areas with soft ground allowing them to dig for food. Short, strong tusks and blunt snouts help these animals dig for plant roots and tubers that make up the bulk of their diet. These hogs will eat just about anything and are often attracted to fallen fruit by listening for the sounds of feeding monkeys and birds.