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Busiriba Primary School student wants to be a UWA ranger wehn he grows up

Busiriba Primary School student wants to be an UWA ranger when he grows up.

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UNITE has been operating in Uganda since 2002.  Based just outside Kibale National Park, UNITE has evolved over the years from a teacher exchange program to a conservation education training program. With four full-time employees working on the ground in Uganda, UNITE’s approach maximizes the impact of conservation education efforts by focusing on teachers, teaching methods and content. UNITE trains teachers in 11 local schools while leveraging partnerships with local community-based organizations and local government.  Over 120 teachers participate in the UNITE program, reaching as many as 5,000 students on a daily basis.  UNITE conservation education training for teachers focuses on integrating conservation and environmental issues into the existing national curriculum, environmental activities which enhance engagement with the natural world, and an inquiry-based approach to teaching that encourages student interest. By focusing on teachers instead of students, UNITE both builds capacity and increases the number of students reached.

In addition to teachers, UNITE also works with students by providing conservation competitions, environmental film showings and field trips to natural areas. Each year, over 1,000 students visit Bigodi Wetland, Tooro Botanical Gardens and Kibale National Park.