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Kabul Zoo Restoration

Kabul Zoo RestorationIn the early months of 2002, the NC Zoo, The Zoo Society and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) secured financial support and led efforts to restore the war-torn Zoo of Kabul, Afghanistan.  Initially, funds were used for operating expenses such as salaries, food and other supplies.  Other money was dedicated for construction projects, to demolish damaged and outdated facilities, providing adequate facilities for the animal collection.  

Restoration of the zoo is considered important as Afghanistan begins to regain a sense of normalcy following many years of conflict.  The Kabul zoo, like many others worldwide, promotes interest and awareness of the natural world, with the potential to positively impact land use and manufacturing practices.  The zoo is also a very popular recreation destination for Afghan citizens.  Maintaining the facility encourages a return to prewar social interaction.