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Energy Management

In1998 the Zoo began using a computerized energy management system to control temperature and humidity in each building and exhibit. During the first year of operation, this system reduced electricity use by 40% in the Education Center alone. 

Additional efforts to reduce our consumption of energy include the replacement of all incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.  Replacement of aging fluorescent fixtures with newer, more efficient fixtures will save additional energy associated with lighting.

In 2004, the Zoo acquired our first hybrid vehicle-a Toyota Prius.  This economical automobile is used for numerous tasks from transportation to off-site meetings, to parking lot patrols by our Ranger Staff.  In 2005, we received a Honda Civic Hybrid which is dedicated to Ranger use, and saves considerable fuel over conventional vehicles.

To conserve additional fuel, many Zoo staff members use bicycles for travel in the Park.