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Recycling at the Zoo

Recycling reduces waste in landfills including many forms of hazardous material.  Recycling reduces the need for mining raw minerals, and can reduce the costs of consumer products.

Within the Zoo, we collect office paper and corrugated cardboard.  These materials are transported to a facility where they can be remanufactured into new products.  Automobile products such as motor oil, oil filters, tires and batteries are collected and recycled, keeping these hazardous materials out of the environment.  Much of this material can also be remanufactured and reprocessed into useful items.

Cooking oil from our five restaurants is collected and processed into Biodiesel inside the Zoo.  All Fluorescent light bulbs are recycled to minimize the potential for pollution.  Pallets, wood waste and six-pack beverage retainers are among the other products we recycle.

The Zoo also manages a Randolph County Recycling Drop Site which is used to accept mixed paper, newspaper, metal cans and plastic bottles.