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  Capital Projects

Support any facility needs and you will improve the lives of animals living at the Zoo, and enhance Zoo visitors’ experiences.

Re-Spot the Ocelot

The Zoo wants to be able to take its Ocelots, especially any kittens that are born here, out of their indoor exhibit to set them outside in a larger, more interesting exhibit. This new exhibit will give the Ocelots room to wander, climb, jump and play and will fill their senses with melodies from the birds, warmth from the Sun and perfumes from the rain and the changing seasons.


kidZone is a special place where children can explore the natural world in their own unique way. kidZone is a place that encourages children’s natural curiosity about the world around them in tactile, cerebral and physical ways. kidZone’s daily programs invite children to discover plants, animals, and butterflies in a close-up setting. Education staff and volunteers facilitate play experiences that foster a love of nature.

Children create animal art, hear about the ecosystem and learn about ways in which they can participate in conservation efforts and preservation of species. Activities include nature treks, story-telling, water play, fort building, wildlife art, making mud pies, chalk drawing and dramatic play using costumes and animal props. Imaginations are allowed to run free (just like the animals living in our natural habitat settings at the zoo). Kids are allowed to engage in what they do best – play, dream, be inquisitive and just have some good old-fashioned fun!

Located within kidZone is the RTI International Training and Research Center for Children and Nature.