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What Campers Say about Zoo Camp

Zoo Camp Project

"We got to investigate some animal poop. It was so gross and stinky! I learned that some people use poop to make their houses..."

Scoop on Poop '07


Zoo Camp blindfolded

"We went out into the woods around the zoo and learned about nature and animal tracks. I liked being blindfolded and hugging trees."

ASI - Animal Scene Investigation '06


Zoo Camp Alligators

"I liked that we could explore the zoo. The thing I most liked was that we could see the animals. I was smarter after camp because of everything I learned."

Amazing Adaptations '07



zoo campers at elephant exhibit"We went to lots of exhibits. It was really neat being able to take pictures of the animals with a camera we got to take home."

Photo Safari '08



Zoo Campers talk to a vet tech

"We went behind the scenes and explored many of the jobs that make the zoo run. It was neat meeting zoo staff and getting to ask questions."

Zoo Doo '08



"It truly exceeded our expectations. The staff were wonderful and it was well organized."

"You could tell everyone really wanted to share their genuine love of nature!"

"My daughter was so excited each day when I picked her up. She couldn't wait to share of all of her stories with me."

"...she has pretended to be on a safari a lot since she came to Zoo Camp. She loved the craft she made."

"The camps are great; we look forward to them every summer!"

"On our next trip to the zoo our child was our tour guide and shared all the information she learned at camp."

For more information contact the zoo education office by phone (336) 879-7716, toll free 1-800-488-0444 ext. 7716 or Email