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Zoo Club

Home School Program

Make the Zoo a part of your Home School curriculum. Zoo Club will offer a program package, specifically designed to provide an enriching and engaging experience for all participants. 

So what is Zoo Club?

Home School programs at the NC ZooZoo Club activities are designed for students in grades K-8. Home School groups may become a part of Zoo Club by registering a group of no fewer than 15 and no more than 40 students. The group will be involved in the following program activities throughout the school year.

Membership fees in Zoo Club will be $20 per child (maximum $100 per family). These fees will cover the cost of all program components for the current school year (September - May). Fees should be collected by the group coordinator before the first scheduled program date.

This program will travel to groups located up to 100 miles from the Zoo. For locations outside a 25-mile radius of the N.C. Zoo, a one time additional charge of $.45 per mile, round trip will be added.

So How Can We Get Involved in Zoo Club?

  1. Zoo Club Home School programs are designed for students kindergarten through 8th grade. Once you have a group of 15 - 40 students, each group should nominate a coordinator to correspond with Zoo staff.
  2. The next step is to make sure you have a location to host the off- site programs. Remember this space must be large enough to hold the number of members in your group, including adults. All location set up is the responsibility of the group and its coordinator.
  3. Choose dates for each program, both offsite and onsite, that will work for your group. It is important to have back-up dates before contacting the Zoo. We recommend choosing a set day for your programs, e.g. the second Wednesday in the month. Date changes may be made with four-weeks notice, dependent on availability. Also select the program topics that you would like for the year.
  4. Contact the Zoo’s Education Staff to register your group and schedule program dates. Once your dates are set, a confirmation letter will be sent to the coordinator. Please do not assume that your registration is complete until you receive your Zoo Club Membership Confirmation.
  5. On the first scheduled program date, groups will be required to pay full enrollment for all members of their Zoo Club. Membership in Zoo Club is transferable to other children in the same age group; these changes are the responsibility of the group coordinator.

For further information or to schedule a program for your school, contact the NC Zoo Education School Programs Office (336) 879-7715; toll free (800) 488-0444, ext. 7715, or E-mail.