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Wheelchair and Stroller Rental

The N.C. Zoo, located in the Uwharrie mountain range, has five miles of tree-lined trails which immerse visitors in beautiful, diverse and sometimes challenging terrain.  Our Zoo is best experienced by using the trails; however, a Zoo-wide transportation system is available to help visitors navigate to three strategic locations inside the Park to begin their walk to the exhibits. Accessible trams and buses are available to meet your needs. Please note that exhibits are not viewable from the trams or buses.

Stroller and Wheelchair Fees

Single Stroller Rental.........$8
Double Stroller Rental........$10
Manual Wheelchairs...........$9
Electric Wheelchairs .......$25

Entry refunds are not provided if wheelchairs are not available for rent. All rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved.

Transporting Strollers and Wheelchairs 

There are three tram stops in the Park, one at each entrance and one at the center at the Park at Junction Plaza. Trams and buses move guests to strategic locations in the Park, not to each exhibit. Not all vehicles are accessible.  A vehicle with a lift will be dispatched to the designated tram stop. 


We encourage you to bring your own strollers; however, you can rent single and double strollers at the Earth Explorers in North America and at the Safari Gift Shop in Akiba Market.  The single strollers have a 60-lb. weight limit and accommodate one child only. The double strollers have a 100-lb. weight limit and accommodate two children. Each type of stroller has a net pouch on the back with a 5-lb. weight limit. These strollers can be loaded on any of the Zoo's transportation vehicles.  Visitors must fold and empty all strollers prior to loading on the trams or buses.   The Zoo is not responsible for damage to any personal items or strollers loaded onto the trams or buses.

Please keep your receipt and you can get another stroller at no charge if the inventory is available when you leave the Park and re-enter on the same day.

Manual Wheelchairs

Guests are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs to the Zoo.

Manual wheelchairs can be rented at the Earth Explorers in North America and at the Safari Gift Shop in Akiba Market.

The carousel ride at Junction Plaza is ADA compliant and includes a swan bench seat that accommodates wheelchairs.  The Adventure 4D Theater is also ADA accessible.

Electric Wheelchairs

Personal electric vehicles are allowed at the Zoo. The Zoo has a very limited number of electric wheelchairs available for rent on first-come first-served basis, so guests are encouraged to bring their own electric wheelchairs. Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) can be rented at the Earth Explorers in North America and at the Safari Gift Shop in Akiba Market. You will be asked to give a valid driver's license to be held at the rental location until the electric wheelchair is returned. ECVs have a weight limit and only carry one person.

ECVs can be transported by all trams and by any bus that is equipped with a hydraulic lift.